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Saturday, June 27, 2009♥

Hey people,

Haven blog for quite long as I very sian at home.Nth to do seh. Bloody Faggot.

Ok lets post for today.Today have kayaking with BB. So woke up at 6.20am to prepare to go to sembawang mrt. F***.Then after the briefing for the paddling, the bloody instructer asked us to carry the kayaks down to the coast. The cost was like bloody polluted lor. You can see pieces of styrofoam floating everywhere.Then when all kayaks were there the instructor asked us to get in. Then they push us off.But when I stepped into the sea it ws like bloody muddy de lor. my whole shoe sank inside-luckily can pull out or go home sure kenna killed by mother. then we started paddling out to the open sea. Then after that my bloody partner keep shaking the kayak then the whole kayak was like about to capsize.Then after that I scolded him f*** then he stopped.LOL

Then after that the instructor ask us to raft up-it is to hold all the kayak together.Then they asked usto stand in the kayak.F*** it was like so difficult cause the tide was strong. Then when i stand up there was a big wave then I fell into the water. bloody faggot.Then the instructor come and pull me up.Then after a while more then paddled back to shore.Then still nid to carry the kayak back to the shelf.So difficult lor. very heavy also. Then after carried then went to shower. then after that come back home.

Now at home having guest at home. very sian.

Ok la dun wan talk liao very sian wan go bully ppl liao. BB

*Will Always Love Her* *Forever And Ever*

7:43 PM

Saturday, May 16, 2009♥

Hey people,

Haven been able to blog as com spoil. One month I had no com and I felt so sian and everyday do nothing. Com is the third most important thing in my life. first is my mum the second is Her. Wa sei you know hor I saw Her as I was walking home on Tuesday morning know?. As always i walk home after exam and I saw Her with Her friend and she told her friend smth-I dunno wad she said but then her friend when she walk past m she said "Hi" to me the she giggled but I was like not knowing wad to say.Then She told me to not mind wad Her friend was saying.

Kay now lets talk about my exams. The chinese was like so hard but the rest wa ok la. Then I after finish exams will go lunch or breakfast with my friends.On the last day of exam it was literature but it was so hard-not as hard as chinese but it was hard. Then after that go Mac to celebrate Exams over. WOOTS YES MAN.

Now I have nth to do so I blogged maybe will blog tmr or the day after. K la dun wan talk liao.


OH wait dun press that X sign yet. One more thing to say. You know I always put pic the rite?Now I change the pic okay? I noe can one la. Enjoy!

"Will Always Love Her" "Forever and Ever"

3:39 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 2009♥

Hey people!!!

Im back!! Ok not really. I blogged yesterday also.Hahas

Ok Im going to talk about todays school.As you know school is VERY I MEAN VERY BORING. Like ok now you do wb then we do.Then do ws then we also do lor.

Then i drank 3 bottles of water today leh!Alot hor?I also never drink before so much in one day leh. Then have a few homework today. Just home econs. Then I also late today leh.Not that kind of late la. AIYO.Cause jethro's father send me go school de ma. Sun Lu ma.Then had home econ cooking test today. Very sian. I cooked sushi lor. I just anyhow just cooked then the teacher say :"Walao, so sour the rice" Then i was like in my mind "Bu suang Then dun eat la"

Walao the teacher really very kum lan leh.I hope my home econ teacher not her lor. She sucks lor also she dun know how to appreciate food lor. Lao Zi cook Gei ta Mian zi.

Aiya i very bu suang now.dun wan talk about it now.dun wan talk liao le la.I maybe next post will put some photos.



*Will Always Love Her* *Forever And Ever*

5:01 PM

Tuesday, April 14, 2009♥

Hey People

Haven been blogging since Nov.veri sian Nth to do leh.Btw my SA1 is coming up this month the 30th. Chinese will be first.SIANZ.Then my pet society lv 25 le leh. Very pro hor?Er wad was I trying to say just now?Oh ya my bro Ping Xuan have fever leh. Very high de 39.50C leh.Very high hor?

Ok la dun wan talk liao. wan go look after bro liao.If not mum later come after me.



*Will Always Love Her* *Forever And Ever

6:35 PM

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